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ALPINA DGA Replica for BMW E21 (LATE MODEL !!!)



Shipping delays are 3-5 working days!

I present to you the ultimate accessory for E21 owners! Alpina did not produced these, but why not !

Compatible with all E21 engine configurations, origin or swaped! M10 and M20.

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Let’s talk about the kit:

– Look identical to the original ALPINA (from E24/E30 and E28)

– very high quality components

– 4 crucial informations: engine oil temperature, differential oil temperature, engine oil pressure and intake vaccum pressure as the original!

– Has smart functions that the original does not offer:

value blinks if your engine oil pressure is less than 0.4 bar, it can avoid breaking your engine!

value blinks if oil engine or oil diff temperature exceeds 130 Celsius degrees.

– temperature accuracy +/- 1 ° Celsius

– operating range 0 ° to 150 °

– pressure accuracy +/- 0.1 Bar

– operating range 0.0 to 9.9 bar

– ready to plug, quick and easy installation (1 hour maximum) 

– 12 months warranty

Contents of the KIT:

– ALPINA replica control unit

– 2x oil temperature sensors M12x1.5

– 1x 1/8 NPT oil pressure sensor

– 1x intake vaccum pressure sensor

– 1x metric adapter to install the sensor on your differential

– 1x adapter for the gas intake

– Each beams for sensors, vaccum intake hose

– Step by step installation instructions

– Various supplies necessary for assembly.

Contact for more informations

keys / 316 318 320 320i 323i DTM Alpina



Weight ,850 kg


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